Sunday, February 10, 2008


Wow almost forgot about this blog but from Thursday to Sunday i cant have forgotten that much. OK so past week i was at camp wanakita near halliburton with all the inbounds and outbounds. We caught the bus on Sunday morning and i car pooled with Jared. I got to the bus point really early and just waited there. Two inbounds showed up first, one from Germany and one from Finland. The girl from Finland was pretty cool and we listened to some of the same music. Everyone showed up slowly and eventually we all were there. We bussed for about 2 hours until we got to our rest stop, doing the Canadian thing I ate at Tim Horton. Well we were all safely inside eating one of our out bounds, Elizabeth, was our first casualty by getting hit by a car. She was fine but still a funny way to start our trip. We got to camp and got split into two groups, i cant quite remember my group all i know is that we had Connor Yuki and Julia. Our group went and built quinzees, if you don't know what that is don't bother asking. We did the hard work compared to the other group because we had to clear the base. After that we went off to cross country skiing, I'm more of a down hill skiing person but it was pretty easy to pick up. After that we went to the core for dinner. Surprisingly the food there was pretty good. After dinner we did something really interesting, we wrote letters that will be delivered to us one year from the time we wrote them. We wrote 3 in total, one each day. After that we just kinda hung around and talked. At 11 we closed down the core and went to our cabins. All of the cabins went to sleep pretty early, except the guys cabin. We played poker, i could go into details but i can just say i won, both games, by a land slide. Next morning we got up, than nearly ever guy took a shower. We were worse than the girls. We went to the core, ate our breakfast (more good food), and split back into our groups. My group went out snow shoeing...yay?...that wasn't that fun bot o well i talked to a lot of people and made some more friends. After that we went to orienteering...i wont even bother talking about this because i was in scouts for enough years that i could find north if you threw me in a windowless room. After that we went back to the core for lunch (more good food! its madness) and once we were done we all joined into one group. Than...we went to dig out the quinzees. Sounds pretty boring but being one of the only guys there i was a power horse and spent the entire time inside a quinzee. After about 3 solid hours inside a quinzee we walked back but this time we took a detour across the frozen lake. We went back to the core and ate dinner, than wrote our second letter, this one we did outside along a path. WE than had a camp fire. Nothing else really interesting happened that day. I went out with 5 of the guys to go sleep in our quinzee. Again morning...arg...but i got up because today was going to be the best day, we were going to do a full day snow shoe trek. Basically we were given a compass bearing and we went off. I spent the whole time checking the bearings and looking for animal tracks. When we finally got there they started making soup and i tried lighting a fire with flint and steel. I eventually gave up and just used a single match to light it. We got back ate dinner than we had a dance. The dance was pretty cool mainly because i was the DJ i managed to sneak some finish music in and the finish girl and me were singing along well everyone looked at us weird. We all headed off and i went to sleep in the quinzee for the second night in a row, the only ones who ended up doing that were me and the japanese guy Yuki. We woke up int the morning and swept out our cabins than left on our bus but not before getting a group photo. It was a great camp and brought all of us outbounds and inbounds a little closer, it showed us that no matter where we came from we were all the same. (yes that is corny)

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