Saturday, November 22, 2008


Last weekend i went to my first german football game. Like all europeans Germans seem to love their football, the german soccer league has 6 (i think) levels. We went to a small game for the 2nd lowest level. There were ONLY afew thousand people. I went with my friend Philip Lamse and some of his other friends who don't go to our school. I had to get up at 7am in the morning on a sunday to catch my train, absolutly brutal for me. We all met at the train station and i got introduced to everyone as "that canadian exchange student". There were afew hundred people who came with us on the train, along with about half as many police and members of the riot squad. When we got to Oldenburg finally (the game was Meppen vs Oldenburg) we were greeted by even more police. When the group came out of the station the police had made a U shape around the exit outside so we could not run away. After we were all outside they closed the U at the end with more police officers and we had an escort of 5 police riot vans lead us to the stadium. About 20min later and after alot of cheering for our team and burning the others teams flags and banners we got to the stadium. We all bought some food and beer (i just bought food), and went and found some seats. We waited about 15min and the game started. The way they had the stands set up was quite different from canada. One half was for Meppen fans and the other half was for Oldenburg fans. Between us was a 2m tall fence with barbed wire on top of it. Out side the feild they had probably about 50 riot police waiting just incase. It was a prety good game despite the fact it started raining half way through the second half. But in the end Meppen lost 2-1 to Oldenburg. Now was the fun part, afew 100 fans who were now very drunk and angry that their team had lost had to walk through the city of the team they just lost to. Basicly when we got out of the stadium some people started rioting, we got to the opposite side of the group and made it to the station. Thats about it...

P.S. sorry for the spelling my chell specker is not working


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