Saturday, January 12, 2008

The First Day of The Rest of My Life

Well to start this blog is going to be my way of keeping track of everything that is happening to me over the next year and a bit. But for that to make any sense you have to know what is happening in this next year and a bit. In the beginning of December i got accepted into an exchange program and i am going to be spending my whole grade 12 year travelling abroad.

I can say sorry to the people who found out long after this blog.

But now that that is all over i can start to write. I was at my first meeting this weekend and i met all the other exchange students. My dad drove me and the other girl from Cambridge (Riley) to the rotary hall in Bolton. We made name tags when i got there and waited as everyone showed up. Than we all got in a big circle and Kathy (Farelly?) one of the Rotarian's gave us this huge speech about how we are a select group and we have to be committed to the program. It's hard to explain in words but i felt like i was getting ready to be trained like borne. Well after that did some games to help remember peoples names and i know have the wonderful nickname of moose because of that. Ya well after all of that we went off in pairs to the local Rotarian's houses...but lucky me there was an uneven number of people so i got to go alone. It didn't turn out badly luckily i ended up with a guy named Doug and his wife Carol who were very welcoming to me. We stayed up to about 11 talking and we all headed off to bed. I got up in the morning had a great break fast, a good cup of black and off to the Rotary club again. We spent the entire morning in interviews, 4 each GAH! After that our parents showed up and got to go to some sort of orienteering. Us kids stayed in the room and did skits until they were done. After that my dad left for a 2 week trip to singapore and i went home.

The people there were are pretty cool. I am still confused as to why girls always outnumber guys in these Rotary things. Well there was 4 guys and like 16 girls. Probably coolest people there where Bam, Julia, and Connor. From what i heard most people there wanted to go to Japan so this is going to be interesting.

And now i am out of stuff to write do you end a blog?

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im pretty sure you are mistaken
i am definetely the COOLEST person ever.