Sunday, September 7, 2008


Well this weekend i went to Holland. It was about a 40min drive to the City we wanted to go to and only 20min to the border. I went with my host mother and one of our neighbors who is an english teacher for young children. When i got there it basically looked the exact same as germany except alot more bikes and the houses were smaller. We wandered in the city looking for a cheese shop (apparently dutch cheese is the best in this area), when we finally did find one i was amazed. It was a store about the size of something you would find in the camberidige mall with cheese from the ground to the roof. Organized by type age color and some things a person who doesn't make cheese would not even try to understand. We spent about 30min having one of the people take us around explaining all the different cheeses and when we heard one we might like we would try a small peice. In the end we left with 3 KILOgrams of cheese. After that we went to licorice shop(apparently the dutch also have the best licorice) and got some licorice. We hah lunch in town, and than drove back to Meppen. Only spent about 3h in Holland.

P.S. i forgot how food french fries with mayonnaise was

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