Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Well I don't have anything really exciting to write about now so ill just talk about how my sport schedule has changed.

I run everyday I don't have something else happening(or i try to at least).
I have a spinning class every Friday which is crazy.
I do weight lifting twice a week, usually Wednesday and some other day.
I have a track and field class every week on Friday(will start doing this twice a week in the future).
I have gymnastics class every Thursday.

It is odd here how they have gym classes, you don't have a "gym" class instead you have a sport class. You can either choose swimming, track and field, gymnastics, or team sports. I plain suck at team sports so i didn't choose that, and I'm too lazy to bike to the pool for a class.


emmaelizabeth said...


ive recently taken up
weight lifting
tennis [once.. hopefully again]
oh and not being able to drive [which was a HUGE perk in canada] has left me biking everywhere..
im not complaining.. hopefully it will keep me from gaining a bunch of weight.

how are your spinning classes going?

Zekling said...

mark doing gymnastics?.. lol just dont pull a groin muscle XD

Taylor said...

with that weight lifting class you can gain some more muscle and weight like how you wanted in Bolton ahaha. Gained any weight?

Surprisingly a do little exercise in Chile since girls "just don't do that" ahaha. So I am muy jealous of your exercises....well not of running but the rest!