Thursday, August 21, 2008

First Day of School

Ok well today was my first day of school I woke up at about 6:30 and started getting ready. I had breakfast and got my bags packed. Me an Nicolas took our bikes to school on our way we saw at least 100 other bikes. We than got to the church (1st period was replaced by a service for the first day of school), and there were probably 200 bikes there. It was basically like the polish church service except in German and no walking around the church. After that I went to container eins and Nicolas showed me some of Janik’s friends. They spoke enough English to explain to me what I had to do. I sat through 3 solid periods not understanding a thing that was going on. During the breaks between classes the guys showed me around. For my last 2 classes I had a sports class, none of Yakik’s friends were in the class so on of the other people from my home room came with me. We went to the gym, but no one was there, so we went to the other gym and no one was there either. On the way back from the second gym we ran into 10 guys who also had the class and walked back to the second gym, still nothing. So we went to the secretary she was just confused and told us to go home…so apparently I get 2 periods off every Thursday. After school Nicolas and I biked home, We had lunch (which is the biggest meal of the day here in Germany). After that me and Nicolas played Xbox for 30min, than I went with Wolfgang to get my self a German bank account. After about 20min and a lot of photo copying we finally got myself an account. We came home and my mutti said I could come shopping with her. Nicolas and I decided to go and I spent the time wandering around looking for interesting German things. We ended up getting a marzipan bar, fanta, thai chilli chips, this weird looking soft drink, a cheese that smells like feet, and all the normal groceries. We came home and had dinner where I got to try the foot cheese and some other German foods. I loved all of them and the family seemed confused. After that I tried the weird soft drink…and it tasted like…GINGER BEER!!! PAT IF YOU ARE READING THIS YOU SUCK!!! THIS COUNTRY IS AMAZING IT HAD GINGER BEER!!! After that I waited for about 30min and Nicolas and I went for a run. We got back after 20min or so and I showered and now I am writing this.

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