Friday, August 22, 2008

Second day of school

Well this was a rather interesting day. I got to school and checked the *big fancy German word* or the board with everyone’s schedules. And well I had my first, second, third, forth, and sixth classes cancelled. So I only had one class all day. I met up with some people in my class and we hung out and went into the city to look around. After the second period they went to go smoke and I met up with some of my other class mates who had the same schedule as me except there 1st and 2nd classes weren’t cancelled. We went off into town and we ate a late breakfast at a bakery in town. Than they started complaining that the waitress put the glass on the left side of the plate when she should have put it on the right, I thought it was funny. We ate and than headed back to school, we still had a period left so they showed me the buildings and what not. After the 4th class there was a 15min break and they showed me some other thing like 2 teachers who got drunk at a school trip and the apparently only 2 “ugly” girls in the whole school. We got yelled at by a teacher for sitting on a bench that they were using earlier that day for class pictures and told to put it away in the gym. Well we were in the gym we decided what the heck lets play a game for the last 10min of break. We grabed a ball and started playing soccer. OMFG, I told them I wasn’t good at soccer and 2 of the 5 guys said they weren’t either. Well about 5 min later im standing with my jaw wide open watching these people who “can’t” play soccer jump into the air and kick a ball into the net. After getting completely shown up in soccer we went to class and the teacher spent the whole time rearranging the chairs over and over so everyone could see and hear. Mean while I was studying my German and Philip was introducing me to everyone. After there was still one free period so most of our class hung out and talked. After class I met Nicolas and we biked home. Ate dinner, watched funny German T.V. and played some xbox with Nicolas.

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emmaelizabeth said...

you sound like you are having so much fun :)
have you had shnitzel yet
that is by far my favourite part.
do you like the food?
do you have a lot of friends?