Monday, August 18, 2008

First Day

Well this was my first day in Germany. despite the fact I have only been her about 6 hours I love it. My family is great. Well I left home at about 1:30 on the 17th. We got to the airport and we said all our good byes. I waited for about an hour in the terminal most of which I spent talking to people over msn due to the use a free wireless network and a power plug for my computer. I met some interesting people who traveled around the world teaching at a new international baccalaureate school every year they wished me a good trip. I didn’t really talk to anyone on my flight to Frankfurt but the guy beside me did have an ipod photo. We landed in Frankfurt at terminal B17, my next gate was A15. Those are close in the alphabet right, they cant be that far away. WRONG! the airport was shaped like horse shoe, and my terminals were on opposite sides. I had a 6h lay over so I copied some music to my ipod and started reading a book (The universe in an atom). After 4 cups of kaffee, 200 pages, 120 songs, and that whole 6 hours. This plane ride was more interesting I ended up sitting with 2 people, one who was a German exchange student who had been to the USA (not through rotary), and the other was someone from Calgary who was going to her cousins sons wedding. We had a good few chats and it was only an hour flight so we parted paths. I got off the plane, grabbed all my luggage (it was like the 1st off the plane), and walked into the greeting area. I looked around and I had no idea who the hell my most parents were. After looking around a few times 2 adults and a kid finally waved at me. I walked over and we exchanged greetings in German. They bought me another kaffee (including one on the plane this is now #6). They drove me the hour and a half to meppen from bremen. I was pretty sure I was completely delusional on that car ride because its all a blur, it was either all the caffine or the lack of sleep but ya. Well we got to their house which for a house in Europe it pretty big by my standards. We sat in the kitchen and talked (mostly in english). After that me and nicolas when upstairs to my new room where I have a large LCD tv and an xbox (lol pat and tyler). We played a game until dinner. Dinner was basically cheese meat and bread. After dinner I gave my host family the presents and we went off to explore the town. The town its self is beautiful there is a main road with major stores that you would see in a normal city but there are all in nice old buildings. But behind all these buildings is the town square and the churches. We had some ice cream there because there wasn’t much to do due to the fact everything was closed. The ice cream I had was quite odd it was called spaghetti ice cream. It was ice cream but it was formed into strands and looked like spaghetti when it was in a bowl. Apparently it’s the in thing in Germany so I guess all you North Americans will catch on after I am back for like 2 years. After that they took me home at about 9pm and I said I was going to bed….I wrote this and im on the verge of passing out.

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