Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Wow…well about that passing out I slept for 19h until someone thought to wake me up for dinner. We had pancakes which in these peoples minds is literally deep fried dough so I will have to get a real recipe soon. After that we went on a bike ride, we made it probably about 1km before it started raining and we came back, So we decided to drive instead, I didn’t know where but I said sure. Well apparently there was only 1 place in meppen they hadn’t taken me…the bar. They got me something the translates to a tight max (max as in the name). It was a plate with a thick layer of meat. No joke a layer of ir, underneath were 2 pieces of toast, and on top was 2 sunny side up eggs. And there is one thing I love here, If you ask for water in Canada you get…well…water. But here is you ask for wasser you get sparkling water. Considering I have only been up for about 4-5 hours that’s all I have to write.

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