Monday, September 1, 2008

Two Weeks

Well I've been here two weeks now. But ill write more about that later.

This weekend i went to Munster which is basically the super shopping centre of the area. We went 1h by train to get there. I went with my Mutti, Brother, host grandmother. First we went to this REALLY weird place to get my brother some clothes. It was a outlet for skater clothes but outside were a bunch of people dressed in medieval out fits selling wooden swords and other things. After that we went down town and saw the farmers market. It was literally about 4 city blocks just people selling stuff. I think we spent more than an hour there just looking at things and trying samples. We went to what i was told is the best bakery in Germany and we got some really good bread. After this we went to a special cafe that only serves high quality ice cream. We saw afew churches and the rathaus (said rat-house) which is the city hall. We spent about 6 hours there and than took a train home. I had a nasty head ache so i slept on the ride home. After dinner we went out and got a movie to watch in the evening, We decided on Oceans 13, it was pretty good and they put on English captions so i under stood.

Sunday i slept until noon, spent the rest of the day studying German. Went to bed at 9:30.

Now about the whole two week thing. Its hard for me to believe that it has only been two weeks here i have already done so much, met so many new people, and learned so many new things. I am really starting to understand when people are talking and slowly I'm able to ask questions or participate in a conversation. I have made quite afew friends and my entire class is always willing to help me with my struggle to learn German, they think it is funny when i start making verb charts or if i use the wrong Die Dar Das. It is getting hard not to talk to any of my friends back home for the pure fact afew of them wont leave me alone, but in 2 weeks they can bug me all they want.

Now i must go to, i have alot of school tomorrow, unlike some people in Canada.

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Taylor said...

Haha I have no school anyways...
don´t you like going to school it gives us something to do...I find.

Good luck with the german
want to send me some bread, seeing as here its well mal.